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Sent to Love means...

  • Sending 300 backpacks of food home with students every week of the school year.
  • Adopting or fostering 50 children over 5 years. 
  • Providing free childcare and student ministries on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights including small groups so children and students grow up with 5-10 adults investing in their lives.
  • Partnering in Bangkok to stop sex trafficking and give hope by teaching conversational and written English using the Bible as a source.
  • Partnering with New Life Church Stockholm as they start churches across Sweden
  • Partnering with Healing Haiti to care for orphans and the poor well we help see churches start and grow.
  • Partnering with Converge Worldwide in church planting around the world.

What will be your "sent to love" story?



Leadership and Employment help for Pastors and Church Leaders
$200 pays for an internship that results in a lifetime career
$1000 for a Community College degree that will provide a community leader.
$5000 for a University Degree that will equip a nationwide leader.

The Togo team is building a 7 bedroom guest house for interns and visitors. Internships are one of the best ways to get long term missionaries in Togo. The cost of the guest house is $50,000.


We partner with Haiti Teen Challenge, a residential recovery program in Haiti.Haiti Teen Challenge (HTC) is the only residential recovery program in Haiti where troubled young men and women are transformed by Christ and equipped to be catalysts for
change for THEIR nation. HTC is gospel-powered, community-based, owned and led by Haitians.

Student Mission trip to Sweden in August. We will help New Life Church Network by providing children's ministry for their Church Camp. In addition we will pray for church leaders, provide encouragement and strengthen our ministry partnership.

The Edelstein family shared about the opportunity to join them in helping with a Ukrainian refugee family. We are praising God for your response because the team has been assembled!
If you would like to help contribute financially towards the costs associated with this challenging transition we have included a link to do so below.



As part of the Aspen Grove Network we start and support sites through out the Twin Cities. All the sites and missional communities are interdependent working to expand the opportunity for people to know the love of God found in the Lord Jesus. Currently Aspen Grove sites are:

Woodridge Church - Medina

The Highlands Church - Delano

Mercy Hill Church - Minnetonka

EVERY MEAL (Formerly Sheridan Story)
More than 300,000 children in Minnesota live with food insecurity.  We’re on a mission to change that. Every Meal fights child hunger by focusing on filling the food gapschildren face on weekends, extended breaks, and summer when they’re not able to access school meal programs. When they don’t have consistent access to enough food, the risk of hunger is very real. Through our multiple food gap programs, we provide children and families experiencing food insecurity with access to good food. You can sponsor a child for $150 per year.

We join with Converge North Central in church planting efforts across the Twin Cities and through out Minnesota.

We regularly participate in food drives in our local area through IOCP.

We support Young Life in Orono and Wayzata schools.


Many of our attenders have asked for ways that they could serve our community as a family. As a church Sent to Love we wanted to provide you with a list of opportunities in our city that would be a good fit for you and your family. Click HERE to download the list, look it over and pray about how God could use you in our city to love others. Each of these organizations can be contacted directly with the information provided.