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At Woodridge, we believe that life transformation happens best in small groups and we are committed to seeing every person grow in their faith as they become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Each of our Adult Classes offer you a chance to grow in your knowledge and understanding of a key facet of the Christian life.    


6:30-8:30pm || Sept. 9 - Dec. 16

Take Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey in a traditional classroom setting or online. A teacher or mentor leads the class, teaching, answering student questions and discussing life application. Each student reads every book from Genesis to Revelation and writes reflection papers to let God's truth sink in. Learn more and register at Village School of the Bible.


9AM || Conference Room
FACILITATOR: Pastor Annette Jackson 
November 17 || 9am

We hope you have already felt like a member of Woodridge. We try to treat everyone who attends as important and significant to God and to all of us.  In this class we cover the Woodridge Church constitution an statement of beliefs, our Membership Covenant and the steps involved with becoming a formal Member. Click HERE to register.


Dec. 8th & 15th || 10:30-11:30am
Conference Room
Facilitator:  Jim Harper

Have you ever struggled with sharing your faith with others?  Of course you have. It happens to all of us. We believe in Jesus Christ – yet we get tongue-tied when it comes to sharing our faith with others.  Why is that?  We just need a little bit of help, and maybe some tips on how to answer some key questions that are asked of us. Jim Harper, a long-time usher and greeter at Woodridge, would like to share his ideas with you. His book “Understand God’s Will” that was launched at Woodridge in 2014 is now in 12 languages and is being printed in 11 cities around the world – so Jim has a little bit of experience in telling others. This 2-week “chat” will be very informal. You can come and simply listen in (to get some ideas!), or, if you’ve had some successes in sharing your faith we hope you will want to join us to share your ideas with others.  We are all Sent to Love! Register HERE.


Check out our Men's and Women's Pages and our LaunchGroup and Impact Group pages for more classes and group opportunities.