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At Woodridge, we believe that life transformation happens best in small groups and we are committed to seeing every person grow in their faith as they become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Each of our Adult Classes offer you a chance to grow in your knowledge and understanding of a key facet of the Christian life.



SUNDAY MORNING CLASS - Grow Your Wise Adult Self
May 7 || 10:30am || Conference Room
Facilitator: Danielle Landa
This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to navigate their life more skillfully.  Specific areas of focus will be on self-esteem, healthy boundaries, self-awareness, interdependence, and moderation.  When these areas are out of balance, people tend to struggle with intensity issues, emotional reactivity, feeling offended by others, taking things personally, and feeling powerless to change.  There is a better way.  Join us to learn how!


FAMILY GRACE GROUP - Mental Health Group
Tuesdays || begins April 18 || 6 weeks || 6:30-8:00pm
The Family Grace Group is a small group experience for key support people of individuals with mental health struggles. This is not professional counseling but rather a group of people walking through life together.  

This small group experience will: 
+ Seek simple biblical truth, neuroscience insights, and practical tools to reduce stress and empower both you and your loved one
+ Encourage a biblical framework to experience God’s love, grace and truth 
+ Empower hope in mental and emotional health journeys  
+ Work through a curriculum covering topics such as communication, community, problem-solving, cycles and triggers, medication, rebuilding boundaries, and more (based on material provided by mentalhealthgracealliance.org).

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This communion class is geared towards families with elementary and middle school aged children but is open to anyone interested in attending.  Pastor Annette Jackson provides teaching about the Biblical purpose of Communion.  The class also covers details of how our Woodridge Church family partakes in Communion.

At Woodridge Church we celebrate baptism by Immersion and believe the decision to be baptized is a personal act of obedience that every person is invited to make.  As a church family we corporately celebrate baptisms twice a year. 

Prior to our church baptism celebrations we offer a "Baptism What's" Class.  In this class, Pastor Annette covers the questions, "What's Up with Immersion?" "What did Jesus say about Baptism?" "What if I was baptized as a baby?", "What difference does Baptism make?" and “What if I’m afraid of speaking in public?”. 



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