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At Woodridge, we believe that life transformation happens best in small groups and we are committed to seeing every person grow in their faith as they become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Each of our Adult Classes offer you a chance to grow in your knowledge and understanding of a key facet of the Christian life.



This communion class is geared towards families with elementary and middle school aged children but is open to anyone interested in attending.  Pastor Annette Jackson provides teaching about the Biblical purpose of Communion.  The class also covers details of how our Woodridge Church family partakes in Communion.



At Woodridge Church we celebrate baptism by Immersion and believe the decision to be baptized is a personal act of obedience that every person is invited to make.  As a church family we corporately celebrate baptisms twice a year. 

Prior to our church baptism celebrations we offer a "Baptism What's" Class.  In this class, Pastor Annette covers the questions, "What's Up with Immersion?" "What did Jesus say about Baptism?" "What if I was baptized as a baby?", "What difference does Baptism make?" and “What if I’m afraid of speaking in public?”.



Ready to become a member? We hope you have already felt like a member of Woodridge. Becoming a formal member of Woodridge Church, is your way of saying I want to extend love and care to others who attend or who will attend in the future. You will hear the story of our church, its vision for the future and our core beliefs. Learn more and decide if you are ready to take that step. Being united in vision, values and mission, we begin to see the unstoppable nature of God’s church in a real, tangible way. Membership Classes are taught by Pastor Austin Holmes.



Check out our Men's and Women's Pages and our Group page for more classes and group opportunities.