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I am so glad that you came to the Initiate / Celebrate page on our website. It probably means in a new or expanded way you have entered into a relationship with God through faith in Jesus.

I remember when I first really put my faith in Jesus and declared that Jesus was Savior, Leader and Lord. I experienced a new peace with God and really new peace in all areas of my life. Part of that peace came from the experience of forgiveness, part from redemption and adoption, and part from the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. Let me briefly tell you about each one.

On the cross Jesus took upon himself all sin, guilt and shame. He put the disease of sin to death. When I put my faith in Jesus I belonged to Jesus and was included in his death and resurrection. I experienced the peace of forgiveness that went to the core of my being. You likely will experience that peace too!

Jesus bought me out of slavery and made me a child of God. I had a new identity and I started to experience the love of God the Father. I have come to believe that the most important part of my identity is that I am a child of God. I knew this when I first came to faith but that knowledge has grown and continues to grow. It truly can change your attitude about all of life.

The peace and knowledge of being an adopted child of the Father came through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives within any one who puts their faith in Jesus. The Holy Spirit impacts our mind and emotions. The Holy Spirit makes the Bible come alive, guides our lives, creates character transformation, prompts us with knowledge about what to do and say. If you are quiet, read the Bible and pray often you will experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life leading you more and more into the life of Jesus, which is the eternal kind of life.

There is so much more you will learn and experience, but these big three experiences will lead you on into more of the life God has for you. One last point, and it is a warning. While you gain so much by putting or growing your faith in Jesus you also gain an enemy.

The Evil One who opposes Jesus and those who believe in and follow Jesus will try to destroy your faith  in Jesus. This normally shows itself in great temptation in the weak areas of our lives, in doubts and in false accusations.  The Evil One has no power over you but to try and confuse you. If you are feeling doubts, temptation or false accusation go back to the truth of what God has done in your life because of the Lord Jesus.

The Bible calls life with Jesus a walk! Welcome to the best walk with the best guide and great company (other Christ-followers) that you could ever imagine. Where does the walk lead? The walk leads into more love for God and people. You are "sent to love"!

I have shared a video about how to pray and would love to share my daily devotional with you, you can sign up below.

Glad to join you in the walk of faith. 

-Pastor Paul





Categories in the Lord's Prayer


 Father's Character

Praise God as Father and Holy so that you know God is awesome and also an intimate Father.

 Father's Kingdom

Ask the Father to bring more of what is true heaven to our earth. Pray that what is wrong will be made right. Pray for people.

Father's Provision

Thank God for food, water, clothing, housing etc. Pray to not covet other people's things or lives. Pray to be generous.

 Father's Forgiveness

Praise God that you are forgiven. Ask the Father to reveal any area in your life you should be working on now. Pray for people in your life that you would extend forgiveness to them like you have received from the Father.

Father's Will 

Lead us not into temptation means lead us into your perfect will. Invite the Father to lead your day. Look at interruptions as as potential ways God is using to get your attention. Be open to the Father's promptings through out the day.

Father's Protection 

Invite the Father to protect you and your family from evil. Acknowledge that Jesus is your leader and that you will follow.


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