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No "B" Word in Our House

Posted by Annette Jackson on with 1 Comments


When our kids were little, just like many other parents, we tried to teach them about the certain words that our family does not use.  We covered the basic "get your mouth washed out with soap" type words but we also inclued the "B" word...BORED.    My husband and I were determined to be proactive instead of reactive when it came to the dreaded exclamations, "Mom, I'm bored!" and "Dad, there's nothing to do!"  So from a very young age, our kiddos knew that we just don't use that word in our family because using that word implied that it was someone else's responsibility to entertain the "bored" person. 

Instead, we felt strongly that our kiddos were capable of discovering the world around them and the imagination within them.  We did our best to provide invitations into experiences that would encourage such discovery.  Granted, I know there are many mistakes we have made as parents during these almost 20 years of parenting, but one thing I can say with confidence is that I do not have one memory of either of our kiddos ever saying they're bored.  

I can imagine that there are parents reading this thinking to themselves, "easy for you to say, Pastor Annette, you've never had to parent during a world pandemic" and that would be a truthful statement.  This is a challenging time for lots of people, for lots of different reasons.  I pray for all of the families within our church community that are at home with their kiddos 24/7 these days.  I can pray with hope and confidence for these parents knowing that God's Spirit has the power to produce fruit such as; peace, kindness, gentleness, and paitence.  John 15 talks about the importance of abiding in God because when we abide in God, He is able to produce these types of good fruit in us.  This is a time in which we all need to rely on God to produce good fruit within us. My prayer is that we will all discover new ways of abiding in God during this season! May abiding win over boredom everytime!




Katherine Johnson June 7, 2020 2:21pm

Great blog message!